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We provide total support for product development, starting from ingredient formulation to packaging.

  • Jelly

    We make jellies in stick forms that everyone from infants to elderly individuals can enjoy. As jelly has a higher capacity than other forms, a larger amount of functional ingredients can be included in it.

  • Soft capsule

    Solid as well as liquid components can be blended in a soft capsule. Moreover, as another advantage, oil can also be added to it.

  • Hard capsule

    A hard capsule can mask the smell or other peculiar properties of ingredients. It is chip-proof, and its film protects contents within it.

  • Tablet(tableting)

    Powdered or granulated ingredients are compacted into tablets. Tablets are suitable for high-mix, low-volume production and can be manufactured at a lower cost than other types of formulations.

  • Granule

    Granules can accommodate a larger amount of functional ingredients than capsules or tablets. They are readily soluble in water and are suitable for producing green juice and smoothies.

  • Drink

    A drink is characterized by quick absorption into the body because it is liquid nature. It has advantages such as improved flavor and ease of ingestion.

Other forms, such as potion jelly, are also available. Please feel free to contact us for further details.


  • STEP.1Consultation reception

    Even nondescript ideas are welcome. We listen to customers'requests, consolidate them into product ideas, and propose an actionable plan.

  • STEP.2Laboratory trial production

    A prototype can be immediately produced once a specific formulation is established. Based on samples, product specifications are consolidated.

  • STEP.3Line test

    A production line is used to assess production on a small scale.

  • STEP.4Raw material procurement

    We are experienced in handling more than 400 different raw materials. We arrange for raw materials that meet your requirements.

  • STEP.5Manufacturing

    Your product is manufactured in a production line in our factory under strict hygienic control.

  • STEP.6Aging test/nutrient composition test

    Various analyses are conducted according to the dosage form, including general viable bacterial count, coliform bacterial count, Escherichia coli count, pH, and Brix. We are flexible to meet your test requirements.

  • STEP.7Packaging

    We carefully pack products in packages that are designed as per your interests.

  • STEP.8Delivery

    Products are delivered to your specified destinations.