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Procurement of raw and other materials:
We take care of the entire production process, from planning and manufacturing to packaging.
We develop and manufacture safe and secure products under strict hygienic control and quality control.


We fulfill customers' needs with a broad perspective and extensive experience.


  • Aseptically packed cooked rice

    We develop and manufacture ‘packaged rice’ that is cooked to a fluffy consistency using domestically produced rice and water.

  • Gumi

    Gumi is increasingly used as a dosage form for health foods such as supplements. We create products with any taste and shape that the customer desires.

  • Miso soup

    Freeze-dried food prepared by simply adding hot water. The menu, ingredients, and taste are decided according to the customer's requests.

  • Soup stock

    With considerations for quality and food safety, we propose a soup stock of your choice. We also offer additive-free soup stock packs as a drink supplement.

  • Chocolate

    From among a wide selection of different chocolates and ingredients, we develop and manufacture the chocolate products you envision.

  • Bar

    A bar is produced with ingredients containing various nutrients. We develop and manufacture products designed to match your needs.