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We develop, manufacture, and distribute health products.
We continue to provide satisfying products that improve daily.

Domestically produced rice series

We wish to 'deliver products that are safe, secure, and heal. Domestically produced rice series are packaged with these thoughts in mind. These can be cooked using the method that involves pressure cooker so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of every single grain.

  • Domestically produced rice with 18 miscellaneous grains

    Eighteen carefully selected grains are cooked with perfectly matched 'Yumemizuho' rice from Ishikawa Prefecture and delicious water. All ingredients are domestically produced. The manufacturing method is similar to that involving pressure cooker. People at any age can enjoy healthy rice with ease.
  • Domestically produced ginger rice

    Yumemizuho' rice produced in Ishikawa Prefecture combined with 'domestically produced ginger' and 'bonito fish source' is cooked to a fluffy consistency with delicious water from Hakusan. All ingredients are domestically produced to ensure safety and security. Its light taste is a perfect match with any side dish.
  • Domestically produced sticky barley rice

    Currently, conveniently packaged rice with sticky barley is a hot topic. We used domestically produced sticky barley, which is cooked with 'Yumemizuho' rice produced in Ishikawa Prefecture and delicious water. You can enjoy sticky barley rice with safety and security and easily supplement your dietary fiber intake.
  • Domestically produced carrot juice

    'Sekkaninjin' from Niigata is used to make a condensed juice from domestically produced apples, plums, and lemons. You can enjoy the original taste of vegetables and fruits by drinking this juice, which is also rich in nutrients.
  • Fermented black garlic

    Garlic aged for approximately 40 days in the vicinity of the Shirakami mountain range, which is registered as a World Heritage Site. Pungency and odor are eliminated in this product, and the original sweetness of garlic is enhanced. The secret of this taste is the aging process.
  • Inaniwa udon

    Inaniwa udon are fine noodles that are carefully made like spinning threads. The noodle of <Azabu Kyutoku> is characterized by numerous air bubbles in the crosssection and a sharp angle shape. A range of gift sets are available, such as a set of Inaniwa udon and special noodle soup.
  • Inaniwa beef tendon curry udon

    Udon noodles in soup curry that is mildly flavored with slowly simmered gelatinous beef tendon. It is a silky, richly flavored soup that releases goodquality fats and beef flavor. It goes well with fine Inaniwa udon noodles.